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budget bill that includes funding for the implementation of obama care? >> please do. >> how many weeks would you go without paying social security, and how many weeks would you go without paying the troops and having a young lady walk into my office whose husband is over in afghanistan who can't pay her mortgage, because i am shutting the government down, because i don't like the health care law? >> this is what the tea party wants to know, will you vote with mike lee to and med dose here, to de -- meadows here to defund obama care -- yes or no? >> you want the thoughtful answer? >> i want the yes or no. >> no. >> the issue is whether the republicans force a government shutdown over the imple main tigs of the obama care. the conservative wing of congress called the suicide congress doesn't want to be bothered with trivial things like govern iing. according to "the hill" they are ratcheting up opposition against representative mitch o'connell, and those who don't want to shutdown the government don't seem like people who should be in congress. in fact, it is a revelation when a republic
stories that continue to eat into the second half of the obama presidency. as harry truman said if you want a friend in washington, get a dog. president obama did so this week with the addition of sunny, another portuguese water dog, companion to bo and one of the few bright spots in the dog days of summer. joining me today, correspondent for "the guardian" anna marie cox and former director of speech writing for the president -- i can't get the words out, i'm so excited, columnist for the daily beast and co-founder of fenway strategies, jon favreau and "washington post" columnist and msnbc political columnist eugene robinson. joining us now is chuck todd who is also, of course, host of msnbc's "the daily rundown." before we get into the actual policy here, i want to talk about the sort of bird's-eye view as far as what the president is doing on this great middle class tour if you will. to me it seems like he's trying to build up as much political capital as possible before he gets back to washington. what do you think he's trying to do? >> i think he's trying to talk about what people
. following snowden's leaks and subsequent flight to russia president obama repeatedly expressed that he should not get in the way of u.s. and russia's relations. >> we've got a whole lot of business that we do with china and russia and i'm not going to have one case of a suspect who we're trying to extra diet suddenly being elevated to the point where i've got to start doing wheeling and dealing and trading on a whole host of other issues simply to get a guy extradited so that he can face the justice system here in the united states. >> amid bipartisan efforts to punish russia, calls to boycott the bilateral meeting to the 2014 olympics in sochi, things have changed. the white house announced the president will spend some time in sweden. quote, a close friend and partner to the united states. joining me today senior fellow at the center on budget and policy pry orpds akds an msnbc contributor, jerry bernstein, katrina van den huevel. brian grimm and nbc news white house correspondent, kristin welker. kristin, i go to you first. we played the sound of the president about a month ago sayi
and soon. according to the "new york times" on sunday a senior obama administration official said there was, quote, very little doubt that president bashar al assad military's forces had used chemical weapons against civilians last week and that a syrian promised to allow u.n. inspectors to access the site would be too late to be credible. over the weekend president obama met with his top military and national security advisors who presenced him with a detailed set of military options including a possible cruise missile attack. the president also spoke with british prime minister david cameron and french president francois hollande to discuss possible responses by the international community. at home members of congress on both sides of the aisle were calling for military action. >> i do think action is going to occur. certainly a red line for us has been the use of chemicals against people. that has occurred. we need to obviously respond to that, but i don't want us to change our overall policy. >> i think we connect. i think we should act. i think we should act for humanitarian purposes a
described are also people who went to work for barack obama and helped swing the election. for me there's another interesting component, which is eric holder, who you mentioned a minute ago. he's been at the center of progressive complaints about the -- now he has a chance to redeem himself a bit. we saw it yesterday, him coming out with this push against mandatory minimums, now with a chance to move ahead, it's like a real tipping point that is possible for holder's legacy over the next year or two. >> we're going to talk about the question of race, and in a bit, but to the point of the obama coalition and hillary's appeal to the obama coalition, i will read an excerpt from "the washington post" shawn sullivan says -- clinton can afford to keep a low public profile, but she simply can't be a nonfactor on the big issues of the day. voting rights is one, a topic over which she could begin to make her case. >> yeah, i think it's fascinating, back in 2007, 2008, the big divide that hillary clinton and barack obama were trying to divide up the african-american votes, and it flipped dramatic
. itis crazy. it seems overdue. the question is whether any of this stuff, obama can get bipartisan consensus to lead to real change in policy given everything else we know is going on in the republican house. >> given the position of eric holder as an influencer or straw man. howard? >> you have to unpack this. in terms of mandatory drug sentencing, where eric holder is going with this particlair thing is in a direction that a fair amount of the republican party will accept. even if not especially the tea party types. a lot of the tea party types -- >> who said things. >> starting with rand paul, kentucky, and others. they have other philosophical objects on the drug front as long as it's nonviolent, et cetera. there's enough support among the tea party types, the kind creating trouble everywhere else to give eric holder room to maneuver here. the combination of that and the president's passion on it. the fact that the obvious disproportionate impact on it. it's not just a matter of money. yes, we are wasting billions of dollars but the racial impact is obvious. you put that togeth
. . >>> are plans on hold for president obama? it's thursday, august 29th, and this is now. i'm karen finney in for alex wagner. eight days after a chemical attack killed hundreds of innocent civilians and left thousands injured, the u.s. and international community are still awaiting their response. the u.n. security council failed to reach an agreed yesterday on a draft resolution that would authorize military action in sear yarks but tyri syria. yesterday president obama said he had not yet made a decision about whether on-to-conduct a military strike in sear yarks but he did make the case for limited strikes and said the u.s. had concluded that the syrian government was in fact responsible for the attacks. the president also made clear that the syrian government would face consequences. >> i think it's important that if in fact we make a choice to have repercussions per the use of chemical weapons, then the assad regime involved in a civil war trying to protect itself will have received a pretty strong signal that in fact it better not do it again. >> although defense secretary chuck hag
. this time republicans have such a strong anti-obama instinct, either they're saying he's wrong or trying to have it both ways. we should attack but not the way he wants to attack. as you suggest, a lot of democrats are either hesitant, opposed or ambivalent. so the president is really out there, but he's still stuck with his red line and that is a big problem. >> that sort of calls into the question the red line, right, sam? the president, unlike bush, is not looking for reasons to go to war. i think he wishes desperately that there was no red line, right? nick cross to have makes the case that it's an important thing to ensure, important for the u.s. to not back down having said what we've said about the red line. he writes, are we making too much of chemical weapons, probably less than 1% died of nerve gas attacks. in syria, a principal weapon of mass destruction is the ak-47. yet, there is value in bolstering international norms against egregious behavior like genocide or the use of chemical weapons. since president obama established the red line, he can't whimper and back down. >> th
obama has failed. a day after egypt's military backed interim government slaughtered hundreds of protesters and assumed sweeping emergency powers, obama still could not bring himself to call what is happening a coup. he described it as an intervention. what do you make of that? >> particularly some of the other analysts have suggested that. i think we saw this when mccain and lindsey graham were there. the military said it's no longer a piece of leverage. that's the explanation we were getting out of the administration, the money we were giving to the military, that's our leverage. that's not even a leverage point at this point. so to gene's point, there's not a good reason why we couldn't have come forward and taken a stronger stand. if the thing that we thought was going to be our lempverage poin is now gone, then we need to find a different leverage point or find a better way to stand on the side of the people. >> ayman, before we let you go, we talk every day about the role of the united states in all of this and there are now sort of renewed calls for the u.s. to end its
on there is always a backlash. >> yet, the day after the release of the afghanistan war logs president obama was dismissive. >> the fact is, these documents don't reveal any issues that haven't already informed our public debate on afghanistan. >> these war logs were followed by the publication of the iraq war logs. in october 2010 and the release of 250,000 state department cables the following month. in sum, manning's leaks constituted the largest security breach in u.s. history but they also constituted something else, the most comprehensive evidentiary trove of evidence of u.s. led wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> joining me, curt anderson and white house correspondent for the "wall street journal", karen lee. and also attorney for wikileaks and julian assange, michael ratner. michael, i'd like to go to you first today. the sentence for bradley manning, 35 years, could go down to 10 years. there have been a number of different reactions to this. i wonder where you stand. wikileaks tweeted this is a significant strategic victory in the case. the center for u.s. constitutional rights said
. and yet when president obama was inaugurated in january of 2009, 79% of people believed race relations in the country are good. now it's only 52%. the african-american poverty rate, in 1966 when the statistics were first kept for african-americans was 41.8%, four in ten. in 2011 it was 27.6%. still high, but enclosuclearly lower. and the black high school graduation rate in 1964 was only 25%, only a quarter. in 2012 it was 85%. give us your assessment, congresswoman, of how far we've come or how far we still have to go in terms of dr. king's dream. >> well, thank you very much. obviously we've made tremendous gains over the past 50 years, but things change. it is not that you can take a look at what happened 50 years ago and simply talk about the progress. you must understand the complications of a growing society. those complications are oftentimes exacerbated by lingering discrimination and racism and marginalization, and so you still have some of that, which makes the fight a little bit different. however, the struggle must continue because while we have made progress, we certainly
no chance of surviving. then when they threw him out, obama switched course again. the vacillation, all sides in egypt hate the united states which they're convinced backed their enemy. certainly the fact that we have called and not called this coup, it makes an already complex situation that much more complex. what does the president do? >> objectively speaking, this is about the least desirable outcome you could possibly have crafted if you were starting from the beginning. so, you know, they can't say that they have handled this well. there is plenty of blame to go around. the president needs to come out and pick a side. say something firm. what's going on here? what is the -- what is the end game here? the army seems to be behaving with impunity. >> yes. >> as they've said. there could be hundreds of people that have been killed here. josh hirsch reporting from over there was saying this morning after the police started clearing out the protests, then more protesters came from the other direction so the police were shooting in both directions. and there were thousands of people in t
martha's vineyard, president obama condemned the crackdown by egyptian security forces and announced that the u.s. is canceling joint military exercises planned with egypt next month. president made no mention of u.s. aid to egypt but made clear that the path to democracy for egypt ultimately rests in the hands of the egyptians. >> america cannot determine the future of egypt. that's a task for the egyptian people. we don't take sides with any particular party or political figure. i know it is tempting inside of egypt to blame the united states or the west or some other outside actor for what's gone wrong. that kind of approach will do nothing to help egyptians achieve the future that they deserve. we want egypt to succeed. we want a peaceful, democratic, prosperous egypt. that's our interest. >> joining me today, political editor and white house correspondent at "the huffington post," sam stein. "washington post" columnist jonathan capehart, founder and editor at large, charlie senate, jon meacham author of "thomas jefferson -- the art of power." joining us now from cairo, nbc news
friday. several months ago, president obama asserted al qaeda was on the run but this week the message is the terror group is weakened and but still dangerous. >> we decimated the al qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11, al qaeda affiliates and like minded extremists still threaten our homeland. still threaten our diplomatic facilities. still threaten our businesses abroad. we've got to take these threats seriously. >> the president's counterterrorism legacy will likely be defined by the twin pillars of an expanded surveillance state. as to the latter, a report in "the new york times" yesterday detailed the degree to which the nsa is monitoring the content of american communications. it is a development that the paper's editorial board asserted shs a common sense understanding of the fourth amendment. we have chuck todd host of "the daily rundown" i go to you first as our man at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the fact the white house is having a press conference on an august friday at 3:00 p.m., are we to believe they are excited to get the message out to the media? >> no. i think this
obama director at the university of chicago institute of politics and an msnbc political analyst david axelrod and in nashville executive editor at random house. chris ma the hurricanes my colleague and friend someone i look to, someone who knows this city well. we're talking about the march on washington and yet in today's world washington has become synonymous with a place of dysfunction, of anger, of partisanship, of rancor. i guess to what degree can we rekindle that possibility. how can this society recode what washington means sway place of failure. >> well i don't want to suggest it's a symetrick problem. there was a decision 4 1/2 years ago to prevents this presidency of president obama from taking effect. they want to remoist from the history books as much as they could even though he had been elected legitimately with a larger majority than ronald reagan had back in 1980. they wanted to somehow deny him his presidency. that began with the meetings that were held the very night of the inaugural and carried through with the ridiculousness and thericiso donald trump on the birth
." >>> president obama is en route to arizona right now but we first want to update you on some developing news. former president george w. bush is recovering at a dallas hospital from a heart procedure he underwent this morning after doctors discovered a blocked artery during his annual physical. the operation successfully placed a stent in the artery to open the blockage. the former president says he is in high spirits and will return to his normal schedule on thursday. we'll continue to monitor the story as it develops. >>> turning now to president obama's policy push, he is just a few hours from touching down in phoenix where he'll highlight positive gains made in the state's housing market. the southwest stopover is part of the president's recent campaign to shift focus back to the nation's economy but sunny weather and signs of a recovery are not all that awaits him in the canyon of of the unknown. president obama will once again be greeted on the tarmac by arizona governor and self-proclaimed scorpion eater jan brewer, the same jan brewer who last year greeted the president with a now-in
, josh, i mean, folk, trying to draw a line between the president, present president obama refusing to release his birth certificate and ted cruz' disavow of birth place and release of his birth certificate. in "the washington post," questioning about cruz' eligibility have everything to do with the question of the law. the obama question, the underlying facts. conspiracy theories about whether the president was actually born in the united states. >> no. that's right. think is a fake controversy. tedd cruise is eligible for the presidency. born an american citizen that makes you a natural born citizen. i think the, donald trump likes to -- stir the pot. it's august. >> that's sort of legitimate. i'm not sure donald trump was, found himself between a rock and hard place, as the administration often does, over the question he spent so much time waving this sort of anti-outsider birther flag, and someone finally got him on it. >> and the thing is the reason it's not a fake controversy, donald trump was at the forefront of forcing the president of the united states to prove where he was
, let me bring you back in on that. we talk about other countries. the obama administration has been assertive in multiple countries without congressional authorization including pakistan and yemen where we've seen drone strikes which have of course generated a lot of controversy. although the administration says they've been targeting killings that have saved a lot of lives, as well as libya where you had one of these limited operations of air, no ground troops, and ultimately regime change. does the administration to some degree neil it has a good record of operating without explicit congressional authority? >> yes. and this action assuming it comes would look very much like the very first days of the libya operation in 2011. also going back a ways like somewhat like the kosovo, the initial stages of the kosovo operation in which there was u.s.-led military action with a moral and legal justification according to the white house if not -- even if it doesn't fit all the four corners of international law or carry a u.n. mandate. that's what we're likely to see here, too. the administ
from sirius xm's requested mat mad dog radio. >>> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle praise obama administration's decision to close embassies abroad. but how long might we remain on high eye lealert? we'll discuss it when richard engal and michael o'hanlon join us next on "now." i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and you never need a referral. see why mi
funding obama care, there doesn't appear to be a back-up plan should the government actually shut down. "there is no plan b. there is no "what if," said one republican lawmaker. he said he talked to a handful of members who met with heritage action and the group had had no viable alternative to the president caving in. that's leaving us in the lurch. that is nor proper planning." but who needs a game plan? who needs compromise? if you're rush limbaugh, not the gop. >> are you suggesting republicans shouldn't negotiate and have biapproach with democrats? >> well, yeah, pretty much, because i don't think we have anything in common with them. >> joining me today, former national press secretary for the obama campaign, ben labolt, managing ed are to have the and an msnbc contributor, joy reid, u.s. managing editor of the "financial times," martin dixon. joining us from capitol hill, house democratic whip condition man from maryland's 5th district, steny hoyer. congressman, thanks for joining us. i think a lot of us are a little bit concerned about the fact, a, that john boehner sa
. pressing president obama not to say no just for the sake of saying no. joining me now is the editor-in-chief of high times chris simenac. >> were you surprised -- >> it is surprising when someone that big does a mea culpa, but considering the violence that ensued in the wake of his presidency presidency under the called roan administration. i'm not surprised at all. you're talking about 80,000 people dead in a war that, you know, when you militarize prohibition, it explodes. and i think that's what you're seeing there is the absolute worst side of prohibition. >> at one point in the interview, he says he want to shift this interview from criminals to -- i think most people who are in favor of legalization understand that the tax implication is part of it. but criminals becoming businessmen. a lot of these drug cartel lords are incredibly violent people who have done a lot of really awful things. is that in effect sanctioning the transformation of cartel bosses into businessmen? >> he is working with jayman shibley who's a microsoft executive and he's the guy who wants the start the
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)